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A999/A989 controller hack / Cheap universal increase range mod

For the past couple of months I and my team has been working everyday all day on a new project, Air Reinforced Structure for Fablab x Global Maker Showcase in Shenzhen but due to MERS outbreak in Korea the official invitation has been revoked. Now I got a day job and the evening time is free, there is some time to post on my blog.



Earlier this year I installed an FPV device on a WLtoys A999 rc car, which is only $25. Playing with it was fun but I wanted to control it like a rover, non-LOS reconnaissance.



There are numerous ways to achieve non-LOS operation with 2.4G controlled cars but one (easiest) way of it is to simply increase radio power. Conventional Wifi booster works perfectly but it is expensive and bulky, being about $50 or more for 2W booster.



Instead, I bought a 2W circuit board (XQ-02A) for $12 which is basically the expensive booster stripped down(plus some extra circuit board).





It can takes 6V directly from controller’s 4 AA batteries. I connected the shield of RG316 cable to ground, and also made a quick dipole antenna with 22AWG wire.



Now A999’s control is pretty crisp, at least as long as I can see with my 5.8G 200mW FPV. Of course penetration for 5.8G is the worst of all FPV frequencies and I am thinking to get 1.3G FPV gears and some other stuffs with some dough I get from my day job..




Here’s the video of it sneaking around the science museum at night, turn down the volume



a Journey to micro FPV hexacopter (WIP)

I built a 3d printed micro octocopter more than 2 years back, when there isn’t really any brushed FC for more than a quad configuration. These days toy grade, quality multicopters came readily available, I decided to build one with more than 4 props.

Micro Octacopter Tasty delivery

Recently bought a FC for Eachine X6, from, with 3d printed polyamide frame(Taulman bridge) on my heavily modified Ultimaker(200W aluminum heated bed-capable of heating hotter than 150’C, fully enclosed passively heated chamber., dual fan, dual extruder, actively cooled stepper motors, larger power supply and etc). Polyamide is rather flexible thus it is unbreakable and will survive in numerous crashes.

I mixed using used and new motors and since they are brushed micro, used motors provide less power than the new ones causing drifting and yaw. New 7×20 motors and hubsan x4 props(proved most efficient) from banggood is on the way and I am hoping to get better lift and battery life.

Total weight with FPV gears but the battery weighs 53.9g.

FPV Test Drive on the rooftop

Aomway RX004 (with DVR)

Recently bought a small RC car from, and just added FPV gears then drove with my ground station.

Over the winter I got married and took a break for a couple of months, I got into FPV (First Person View) and toy grade RC stuffs. I also built a quadcopter with 3d printed nylon parts-nylon is such an awesome material to work with, it is almost impossible to break, thus perfect for impact resistant applications. Maybe I post it later.

Anyway, equipment on the video as follows;

Car : WLToys A999
Video TX : TS351 + Cloverleaf antenna
Video RX : Aomway 32ch 5.8G AV receiver with DVR
Camera :

Recorded with Aomway 32ch 5.8G AV receiver with DVR