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a Journey to micro FPV hexacopter (WIP)

I built a 3d printed micro octocopter more than 2 years back, when there isn’t really any brushed FC for more than a quad configuration. These days toy grade, quality multicopters came readily available, I decided to build one with more than 4 props.

Micro Octacopter Tasty delivery

Recently bought a FC for Eachine X6, from, with 3d printed polyamide frame(Taulman bridge) on my heavily modified Ultimaker(200W aluminum heated bed-capable of heating hotter than 150’C, fully enclosed passively heated chamber., dual fan, dual extruder, actively cooled stepper motors, larger power supply and etc). Polyamide is rather flexible thus it is unbreakable and will survive in numerous crashes.

I mixed using used and new motors and since they are brushed micro, used motors provide less power than the new ones causing drifting and yaw. New 7×20 motors and hubsan x4 props(proved most efficient) from banggood is on the way and I am hoping to get better lift and battery life.

Total weight with FPV gears but the battery weighs 53.9g.

FPV Test Drive on the rooftop

Aomway RX004 (with DVR)

Recently bought a small RC car from, and just added FPV gears then drove with my ground station.

Over the winter I got married and took a break for a couple of months, I got into FPV (First Person View) and toy grade RC stuffs. I also built a quadcopter with 3d printed nylon parts-nylon is such an awesome material to work with, it is almost impossible to break, thus perfect for impact resistant applications. Maybe I post it later.

Anyway, equipment on the video as follows;

Car : WLToys A999
Video TX : TS351 + Cloverleaf antenna
Video RX : Aomway 32ch 5.8G AV receiver with DVR
Camera :

Recorded with Aomway 32ch 5.8G AV receiver with DVR


“Objectology” exhibition at the national Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

그동안 작업하던 몇 작품들이 지난 6월 5일부터 국립현대미술관 과천관 제3전시실(디자인상설전시관)에서 “사물학” 타이틀로 진행되고 있습니다. 알고리드믹 모델링을 통한 조형과 3d 프린터를 비로한 디지털 제조장비를 이용하여 직접 제작한 작품과 제품들이 2015년 1월초까지 8개월간 전시됩니다.

Pieces I have been working on for the last several months, if not years, are being exhibited at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea from 5th of June till the January of 2015. Works exhibited are mostly made with Grasshopper for Rhino, and fabricated with custom built large format delta 3d printer. Interactive vase designer is also made with Grasshopper and the interface is made with TOUCHosc.







공식 전시 소개는 이곳에서…

Grasshopper Automatic Save/export


I’ve been commissioned by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and algorithmically modeling for later 3d printing.

This is a Grasshopper definition saving and exporting each mesh for 3d printing.


6월중 국립현대미술관 전시를 준비중에 있습니다. 알고리드믹 모델링으로 형태를 생성하고 3d 프린팅을 위해 자동적으로 개별 저장되는 방식으로 설계했습니다.


Last year recap #1

I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to post for a couple of months but before I forget, I need to document things happened. This is what I was involved in a collaboration with a Korean fashion brand called “What I Want”, local studio and manufacturer of ladies’ shoes and accessories.

When I first visited their shop to get some ideas, I failed to 3d scan on site due to improper lighting and interior settings so I took a few of their products with me then proceeded in a more controlled environment. After I decided to first digitalize a few of their high profile products, it worked out pretty well. Once it is “voxelized” it becomes immensely easier to manipulate.

Made a small video of how it’s done. 3D scanning was done with IPhone 5 and 123D catch.

작년 말부터 올초까지 바쁘고 몸도 좋지 않아 두달정도 포스팅을 하지 못했다. 기회가 있어 다큐먼트를 해야하는 상황이라 오래되고 작은 것부터 하기로 했다. 작년 10월부터 11월 말까지 왓아이원트 라는 여성 패션브랜드와 작업을 하고 전시를 했다.

처음 압구정 로데오에 위치한 가게를 방문하고 구두를 스캔하였으나 조명과 주변환경등이 부적합해서 잘 되지 않아 몇 개의 구두를 빌려와 한적한 공간에서 스캔을 진행하였다. 일단 사물을 디지털화 하고 나면 그 뒤의 형태변형및 조작은 매우 편리하게 이루어진다.

최대한 짧게만든 비디오를 보면 대략 어떻게 진행되었는지 알 수 있다. 3D 스캔은 아이폰5와 123D catch를 이용했다.

Last weekend’s Hackathon

I was invited to participate in an artists’ version of Hackathon last weekend (hosted by SK’s Art Center Nabi), and here are some pictures of those 33hrs. There has been an ongoing documentary shoot about modified/hacked/3d printed musical instrument from last month till next month, and it will be on air beginning of next year. Participation in FAB 9 conference was partially part of that too..

지난주말 아트센터 나비의 주최로 장충동의 타작마당에서 열린 해카톤에 참가하게 되었는데 이는 지난달부터 계속된 “이것도 악기일까요”(가제) 다큐멘터리 촬영도 할 겸, 중간정산도 할 겸 악기 만드는 팀들과 함께 참가하게 되었다. 지난달에 참여한 요코하마에서의 FAB 9 컨퍼런스도 어느정도는 촬영의 일환으로 비용지원을 받아 다녀왔다. 그나저나 지금까지 이런 저런 일로 촬영 당하면서 나름 인터뷰 연습이 되었다고 생각했는데 내 작품을 설명하려니 그냥 인터뷰보다는 또 다른 연습이 필요한 것 같다..20130903_1

Final Presentation

Final Presentation


Support crumbles

Support crumbles

Nearly overnight

Nearly overnight

How much did they pay to make this decor?

How much did they pay to make this decor? Some catholic church..

Parametric panflute. Printe time 8hrs 30min.

Parametric panflute. Printe time 8hrs 30min.

Public figure

I’ll be giving a speech at COEX on the 10th, from 2:50pm at the 3D Printing and Scanning Conference 2013. Due to time shortage for both preparing material and the actual talk time, I won’t be able to do much but anyone interested should check the event out. Event starts from 1:30pm. It’ll be in Korean.

내일 (17일) 코엑스에서 열리는 3D 프린팅/스캐닝 컨퍼런스에서 2:50분부터 30분간 강연합니다. 준비시간도 짧고 발표시간도 짧아(30분) 깊이있는 내용을 전하기는 힘들겠지만 관심있는 분들은 오시면 좋을 것 같습니다.